The exciting adventures of the Hillson family.

The exciting adventures of the Hillson family.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colonel Mustard... in the Conservatory... with the Revolver!

What is it about playing Clue that makes everyone want to speak in a British accent?  We're not really sure, but our terrible attempts at lofty rhetoric were out in full force last night during our first adult family game night.  After an exciting and tiresome afternoon of digging through the backyard for Maddy's glasses, repeatedly reminding Brayden he was supposed to be in his room (a consequence for his sassy-pants), and an hour of Maddy crying at the table because she had to eat a miniscule amount of bell pepper, we needed a little something-something to liven up our evening.  So, after our delicious dinner of Traeger'd chicken breast, salad, and BBQ'd corn (thanks, Kasey-boo for the scrumptious meal), and after the kiddos were tucked tightly into their beds, it was time to add the key ingredient to a good time:  a board game.  I know what some of you might be thinking.  "Why not take a shot and zone out in front of the TV?"  Trust me, the thought crossed our minds.  I'm sure I don't just speak for myself when I say that the idea of a whiskey-warm-up night of relaxation wasn't a little tempting.  However, the idea of actually interacting with one another, while speaking in ridiculous accents, won out--and I'm sure glad it did!

Kasey Beth
I had never played Clue before, a fact that shocked and appalled Elven, the resident Clue-genius-extraordinaire.  He's what we might call a Clue Prodigy, brandishing detective skills only attainable through a lifetime of practice and discipline.  I'll be honest, for the first few rolls of the die, it was much more entertaining for me to produce mini-conversations and create relationships between the small figurine character game pieces than to actually pay attention to my Clue check-off sheet.  I started out as the burly Reverend Green, and after a scandalous tryst with Miss Scarlet, as well as a small skirmish with Professor Plum, all involving random murder weapons, my competitive spirit kicked in, and I was finally sucked into the mystery.  Who killed Mr. Body?  The smug looks passed between Jorma and Elven as they used their powers of deduction to check off more and more possibilities were infuriating.  And, to no one's surprise, Jorma solved the first mystery.  Bollocks!

After another thrilling round in which we exhausted our efforts in keeping Jorma and Elven out of the room they knew the murder was committed in, I eventually figured out the final piece:  the murder weapon.  I did indeed solve the mystery!  Since the game had dragged on and on in our attempts to keep Jorma and Elven from victory, it was then time for sleep.  What a great evening!  While this might not sound like a hoot-hollerin' good time, it was for us.  Our little game night was just another reminder that we all actually really like one another.  And, we've devised a plan for a new adventure:  Murder Mystery Dinner (some day)!   It doesn't get much better than being silly with people you love and who love you in return.

~ Meg

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