The exciting adventures of the Hillson family.

The exciting adventures of the Hillson family.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Glory Days

Last Friday night, the adults went out on the town... 80s style!  The McMenamin's Kennedy School hosted their annual 80's Prom Night--a celebration of 80s decadence--where people pay money to dress up like crazies in order to come dance to awesome 80's music.  Jorma and I went last year, and we were quick to rope Kasey and Elven into coming this year.  So, two hours at Value Village and $80 later, I came home with a dazzling array of 80's garb.  The guys all had a theme:  sa-weet ladies wind-breaker-esque jackets, complete with bright colors and shoulder pads, t-shirts in blinding colors, and some fly hats worn to the side.  I scored when searching for outfits for the ladies.  Both Johnni and I sported legit 80's apparel in sizes smaller than what we normally wear--it was like a sporting event getting us zipped in--and Kasey took center stage in a Madonna-inspired black sequined dress, cropped pleather jacket, hair everywhere, and a pink-leopard bow headband.  In a word?  HOT.

If you would have come to our house any time during the week leading up to this night of frivolity, you would never have guessed we'd have made it out that night.  Rolling off our return from Mexico, the flu ran through the house like dominoes, starting with Kasey.  One by one, we each took our turn suffering in anguish on the couch for at least twenty-four hours.  I brought up the rear, fighting off nausea--feverishly trying to convince my body not to be sick--for the last few days of the week, finally succumbing to defeat Thursday night.  After staying home from work Friday morning, and being asked not to bring my germs to school for the last part of the day, I was the most unlikely candidate to enjoy the 80's fiesta.  However, after some rallying, a healthy slice of meatloaf that stayed down, and copious amounts of Sprite, I was ready to walk like an Egyptian.  The evening went on as planned, despite the icky sick that romped its way through the family. 

Our time at the Kennedy School went all too fast.  We boogied on the floor a little bit, jamming to hits like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Rebel Yell, celebrating with a big group of friends, three of whom were celebrating birthdays (shout-out to Linds, Steph, and Johnni!), but I didn't last long.  My family entourage was supportive and gave up their spots on the floor to grab a snack with me and rest in the restaurant.  Little did we know, the notoriously slow McMenamin's service would keep us out until the end of the party--probably a result of the school being nestled in a quiet neighborhood.  In general, I am okay with the slow service; the food and beer is so good, and normally the company is so fine, that I don't care how long it takes.  However, the server we had at the school was the most unpleasant guy we've ever had wait on us.  I'm an understanding, empathetic person; in general, I am quick to develop some back-story in my head that explains even the rudest service.  However, because of the way we acted, we seriously felt like we were imposing on his night.  So, an hour, some delicious food, lots of laughs, and one poignantly meager tip later, we tromped back to the auditorium to find the dance over--a quick end to a great night.  

As we cruised home in the mini-van, packed in like sardines, pumping out the jam Smooth Criminal (the Alient Ant Farm remix), I couldn't help but think, "what a great night!"  But wait, haven't I been here before?  I remember a similar scene; switch out the people with my high school buddies and turn the mini-van into that beat-up Chrysler-boat we drove around, and there you have it:  an exact replica from my high school glory days.  Maybe we aren't as old as I feel most days.  While I'm not up for staying out all night like I used to (okay, like I did a few times), I'm definitely still up for a good time, and I couldn't imagine a group of people I'd rather be making happy memories with (not necessarily the specific group that was out for 80's, but the group of people around me in life right now).  Whether it's dressing up like idiots and hitting the town, or staying home for an intriguing game of Clue, these are happy times.  These are the new glory days.



  1. Ah that brings back memories of trash bags and torn shirts... PS you MUST have Jorma keep the Oscar the Grouch shirt, that thing is fabulous!

  2. That's what he said! He got it because he wants it for "real life." I'm going to keep all the sweet wind-breakers in a box for use at a later date! :)
    Oh, the trash bags and the flag-dress... now, those were good times.