The exciting adventures of the Hillson family.

The exciting adventures of the Hillson family.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Read the Minutes: Family Meeting I

[Kasey taps the arm on the reclining camp chair]. "The first family meeting is now in session."

Gathered around our glowing "bbq pit," Elven, Kasey, Johnni, Jorma, and Megan call the first family meeting to order.  We are not organized.  No one knows how to start, and no one really has an agenda.  What's the point then?  Everyone wants to make sure that everyone else is doing okay.  We are all individually happy, but, uncertain, we just want to make sure everyone else is also.

Megan and Jorma came into the meeting wanting to do what was best for everyone.  In private discussions, they'd lamented the idea that Kasey and Elven might decide to move out soon.  On the already emotional Mothers Day, Megan had teared up thinking about the Hillmans deciding to leave sooner rather than later.  The system just seems to work: everyone contributes, everyone cares about everyone else, and everyone gets taken care of in some way.  "It just makes so much sense for us to all live together," Jorma said.  We just wanted it to work for Kasey and Elven.  "I wish we had more room to share with them!"  We

Kasey and Elven came into the meeting fairly confident that the Henson's were still loving them as much as the day that the kids and truck-loads of stuff bombarded their calm and quiet home. They still had that little birdie it the back of their minds chirping, "Your kids are maniacs...the Henson's are going crazy...nobody can sleep in the morning with little Bethany is screaming that she wants her fifth bowl of cereal!"  After much thought and discussion, Kasey and Elven decided that if the invitation was still open to stay, they would stay. It works out so well for everyone. They both love it here, and the kids adjusted better than expected; in fact, they say they never want them to leave. As the time to start everything nears, Kasey frantically shovels down the Hershey's Kisses she brought, sweating and nervous as to what everyone will say about her child-wrangling skills, housekeeping, and worst of all her cooking. As Mommy Megan starts talking, however, the nerves quickly settle.

Johnni darts in and out of the meeting, lounging on the kids' large toy car, grabbing snacks, fixing food, poking the fire.  She is laid back, disinterested in the meeting, but, as always, willing to do her part.

The important things were covered:  money, sex, food...  apparently our basic needs are all being met!  We talked about parenting, sleeping quarters, and our ambiguous months to come.  The meeting led us into swirling spurts of ideas for the future, ideas bristled with the excitement of future possibilities. For fear of sharing too much before our family has come to any conclusions, we will leave you with the conclusion that we are all happy and excited for whatever is next.  Suffice it so say, we have a lot to pray about when it comes to the future of our family, whether it's a combined family, two families whose houses are connected by a complex matrix of tunnels, or if we return to living in separate areas.  Regardless, God has blessed us with the unique living situation we're in now, and we're very happy to continue trusting Him to help us make it work.

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